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A workable OBS presentation setup with Quarto

I've been making videos recently in a style roughly akin to a loom video. I wanted the content to be a little more prepared but didn't have the time for extensive editing.

I ended up landed on a setup using Quarto to create a revealjs presentation. I then setup OBS to use a web view and move through the slides in speaker view.

I add the following to the top of each file. Rendering outputs a presenter view (used for speaker view) and a consumer view (used in OBS). I'll walk through each setting below.

title: 'Title of the Presentation'
    menu: false
    theme: dark
    center: true
    multiplex: true
    height: 720
    width: 1280


.reveal pre.sourceCode code {
	max-height: 900px;

.reveal div.sourceCode {
  border: none;


With regard to OBS settings, I have a full screen web view which points to the local exported file. I also have a small camera overlay in the bottom right corner. I hit record, switch to the speaker notes and walk through the presentation.

On balance this is a nice mix of quality for the viewer and effort to put together new content.